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About Hussar

“Hussar” is a name synonymous with fearlessness and innovation. These Polish warriors dominated the battlefield for more than two centuries – often in the face of overwhelming odds. Hussars were bold and unflinching in their pursuit to challenge their own limits, developing advanced armor, weapons, and tactics long before their adversaries.

Today, we honor the Hussar name as we proudly carry on the tradition of fierce innovation and commitment to excellence in every design.

Our mission is to reimagine the yachting experience for our clients by providing factory direct pricing while improving both performance and ownership. Our strategic alliances with Yamaha and Mercury motors ensure our clients always receive a superior product at the best price. Each Hussar boat is built with pride using expert Polish craftsmanship.

Hussar Yachts are crafted using only the highest quality materials, making them lighter while increasing the strength of the hull. Our hulls offer amazing ride comfort, increased fuel efficiency, and more onboard space for passengers and cargo. Our outboard engines allow easy access to key maintenance areas, eliminating small, tedious jobs and helping our clients spend more time enjoying the life aquatic.

Our yachts are designed with our commitment to you

Lower fuel Consumption

This is achieved by using higher quality and lightweight materials in order to lower weights of the hulls. Lighter boats mean that less engine force is required to maintain speeds. Lighter boats also allow more people and cargo to be placed on them compared to similar models.

Added Space

The decks and interiors are much larger and more comfortable than our closest competitors for a number of reasons. Our Hulls replace outdated designs, and are replaced with more efficient lines which create less drag, more buoyancy, amazing ride comfort, and most importantly more usable square footage. All who tour ours boats are astonished that are hull sizes feel equivalent to boats that are 30% larger.


Every country is known for its heritage of historical craftsmanship in products that they are proud of. Poland has always been a leader in the development of boats, sailboats, and luxury yachts, being the world’s second-largest developer behind the United States. The highest Polish craftsmanship is used to produce a hull and interior of pride. Upholstery is created by some of the finest in the industry from countries such as France, Italy, and Hungary. Engines, electronics, and assembly are completed in the United States, providing the consumer with national pride.

Maintenance Costs

By providing outboard engines and easy access to all of maintenance areas, costs of ownership drastically decreases the hours required for simple jobs. Our strategic partnerships with Yamaha and Mercury provide cost savings passed down to the buyer.


The customer has access to factory direct pricing. Our bespoke order model “trims the fat” so to speak from the traditional model, passing the savings down to the consumer. Much like Tesla has re-imagined the dealership experience, we plan to provide a similar experience. With strategic local alliances, costs will be streamlined; not only providing the customer with a bespoke choice, but backed with Yamaha motors, the company is able to providing a superior product at a much better price point.